The Deshaies Botanical Garden is located on a 7-hectare property that belonged to the French comedian Coluche. He bought the property in 1979.

Some of the rare plant species present in the botanical park are there thanks to the initiative of the previous owner Guy Blandin. Unfortunately, a large part of these plants were lost after Hurricane Hugo in 1989.

Michel Gaillard, a nursery gardener, friend of Coluche, creator of the “interior landscaper” profession and founder of an interior landscaper union opened a palm tree nursery in Guadeloupe to supply his Paris-based company.

On June 19, 1985 Coluche asked Michel Gaillard to look after and maintain his property in exchange for land to create his nursery. Unfortunately Coluche died a year later.

Thanks to his knowledge of the property, Michel Gaillard bought it on October 1, 1991 and undertook the enormous challenge of turning it into a botanical garden.

After years of study and economic uncertainty, the decision was made in 1998 to create the park. Enormous financial and administrative obstacles had to be overcome to obtain the required authorizations.histoire-jardin-botanique-deshaies

The creation of the 5-hectare leisure and floral park took 14 months and required 40 employees, all from the Deshaies village and area, who were trained “on the job” as the site progressed. The work was done under the direction of Michel GAILLARD, designer, Didier Rousselle, landscape architect, Richard ROUTHIER and Daniel PUGET.

Today, the park has over 30 permanent employees, mostly inhabitants of Deshaies. The initial goal appears to have been reached. A large number of tourists and Guadeloupe residents visit the gardens (over 120,000 visitors each year) and appreciate the diverse plants and their development, the quality of entertainment and how the site is maintained. Our “Guest Book” is an indication of their satisfaction.